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Are you Naughty or Nice???

Do you think Willy will be Naughty or Nice???

Stay tuned to find out :D

Share comments below!!

Everyone that Plays and comments will get their name entered to win a $50 Gift card for Paradise Hill Ranch & Western Wear :D

Draw Date will be Dec 24

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  • Katherine Oster
Comments 16
  • Shauna

    Definitely naughty—Brad and Edwin are coaching him! ?

  • Katherine Oster
    Katherine Oster

    You guys are awesome!!! Thank You for playing ?

    Stay tuned to see if Willy is naughty or nice ………

  • Janet Kretschmer
    Janet Kretschmer

    Both Willy and I are nice!?

  • Karen W
    Karen W

    I’m usually nice I think, but sometimes naughty because a person has to have a little fun! Willy looks a bit on the naughty side. But I could be bribed with a gift card to tell Santa he is alwsys nice! ?

  • Tammy

    I am nice And I’m figuring Willy is more on the naughty/nice side with a splash of mischief… :/

  • Crystal

    I think the world would be a better place if everyone had a smile and never judged. I try to be nice all the time. It’ll be interesting in what Willy does.

  • Chris Hayward
    Chris Hayward

    Being nice is something that should happen all year long, but being jolly with friends out riding through the snow wearing red toques and singing jingle bells and dashing through the snow only come but once a year.
    P.S. I hope Willy is more on the nicer side of nasty.

  • Lori

    Always try to be kind

  • Carrie

    I’m nice, pretty much always….dont ask my kids that question tho. Willy, I think, is naughty. I think he likes to keep things mixed up and interesting.

  • Robyn Hunter
    Robyn Hunter

    I’m always nice!

  • Lori Mc Kay
    Lori Mc Kay

    I’m the nice one, ?Willy, hmm, he is probably nice too!

  • Marnie Matthews
    Marnie Matthews

    I would be nicer with a $50 gift certificate ?

  • Deiedra Blyth
    Deiedra Blyth

    I am nice and I think Willy will be naughty!

  • Sandy Facca
    Sandy Facca

    I’m an angel but I think Willy is probably on the naughty list!! Lol

  • Becky Bossaer
    Becky Bossaer

    I am nice and Willy is nice ?

  • Shannon Whitney
    Shannon Whitney

    Gotta be nice it’s christmas season

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