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Corn Seed

We are excited to be working with Corn Ranches this year and we are offering you Thunder Seed!

With its advanced genetics, our corn seed consistently produces solid root systems that help anchor the plant during harsh weather, and strong stalks that support good ear placement for high yields. And get great weed and pest protection with our Roundup Ready® hybrids.

Corn Ranches TH 4076 (CHU 2150)
This is a new variety that has been selected according to Corn Ranches standards.  It has soft kernels.  Slow dry down.  Whole plant digestibility, lots of shank and husk around the middle for excellent foraging.  Very good cob potential when you grow this variety right! Great potential for silage and grazing.  Relative maturity is 76 days. 

To Book your corn seed call Brad @ 1-306-344-2188.