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About Us

Paradise Hill Ranch and Western Wear is a locally owned family business located in mid-west Saskatchewan.  It was originally called 'Paradise Hill Farm Supply', founded by Dave Crittall in 1974.  The business started in the town of Paradise Hill; in 1983, it re-located to it's current location - right along Highway 3.  It was the first business to move out of town; shortly after, a few more followed.  Brad and Corrie Van Metre became the new owners in September 2015, renaming it 'Paradise Hill Ranch and Western Wear'.



Thank-you everyone for your support!! I’m Corrie Van Metre.  My husband Brad and I became proud owners of the “Paradise Hill Farm Supply” on September 16, 2015.  It then became the “Paradise Hill Ranch & Western Wear”.   I was born and raised in this area - The Farm Supply has been apart of our community for a very long time.  Brad was born in Livelong and grew up near Hillmond - not too far away. Brad and I really wanted to continue on with the success of this small town, community business and make it even greater!! We want to continue to supply high quality, top of the line products to our local community at a reasonable price.  We have expanded the business with our “Trade-Show Trailer” and getting Paradise Hill Ranch & Western Wear ONLINE!!  We VALUE each and everyone of our customers and we strive to make your experience with us easy and enjoyable!!  


Over the past few years we have really found a new groove with “Family & Business”.  Brad and the girls love to rodeo.  The girls bring a certain zest, exuberance and style to the business.  Bailey is 20 this year, she has just started up her own horse training business this past summer.  Denver is 17, she's the "Competitive" one.  Her motto is "If your not first, your last".  Dakota is 14 and she's our social butterfly.  Often we can find her chatting up the farmers and ranchers at the coffee pot..... with her dad hahahaha.  We are so proud of them, they have already achieved a lot in Barrel Racing and Roping….. going through the ups and downs of life….. they never let anything keep them down for long.  The girls are also very involved in 4-H.  Last year they went into the Beef project, the year before that they were in the light horse project and this year we are running a 4U rodeo club.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot, we also own and operate “The Longhorn Arena”.  Brad and I built an 80x200 Indoor Riding Arena in 2012.  Its fully insulated and finished!! We love to host Roping, Jackpots, 4-H, Clinics…… and everything in-between!!   


Community is high on our list of values, we want to offer value back to our community through the things we enjoy and have fun with!!


 From Left: Dakota, Corrie, Brad, Denver & Bailey





We are so grateful for the people we have in our business!!

Each and everyone of them is unique and they all bring different knowledge and experience to this business.  

We are excited that they will also get to share that with you!

Thank-you to all of them!!




I’m Edwin Volk and I am in charge of Animal Health, Cattle show supplies & Hardware at the store.  I have been working here for over 10 years, since October 2008.  What I love most about it is that I am always up to date and in the loop with new technology, information and products regarding the cattle industry.  At home I run a 70 head commercial herd of cattle.  I winter them out and during the summer months, I setup a rotational grazing system.  In my spare time I enjoy socializing, local events, dances, concerts and sports…… hockey in particular.









Hello! I am Audrey Cornet.  I am the newest team member at Paradise Hill Ranch & Western Wear.  My husband Tyler, our son Ben and I moved to the area from Fiske, SK in April 2023.  We really love being here!  I will greet you as soon as you walk through the door and help you find whatever it is you are looking for.  If you have any questions about anything don't be afraid to ask me.  If I don't know the answer I will get you one right away! I enjoy learning about new products in our store and helping customers.  Oh! and don't forget to ask me about our loyalty program for Dog & Cat food!  When I am not working, I am probably out playing rodeo wife / mom OR at home enjoying my hobbies which include baking, being at the lake and hanging out with friends & family.  I look forward to meeting you and helping you out!








Hey!! My name is Emily Dean.  I started working at the store in 2021 as front counter staff.  2022 I moved to the receiving & shipping department. I am currently on maternity leave, we welcomed our son to the world in February 2023.  When I am not mothering or working, I am probably out fishing or on an adventure with my boyfriend Chandler.  I love being outdoors, hunting, fishing, quadding, or just being outside with family & friends having a fire and sharing old stories.  I look forward to meeting you and helping you out!









Hi, My name is Katherine Oster, I have been working at Paradise Hill Ranch & Western Wear since the Fall of 2016. I am in charge of our website, online marketing and promotions. My job is to make sure everyone knows about the wide range of products we offer. What I really love about working here is the sense of “home” and “family” at the store. When I started I didn’t know many of the other employees that well and they have made me feel so welcome!! The willingness they have to work together and help everyone out is really awesome!! They treat their customers that way too - It’s a great pleasure to work here.

My husband Travis and I have 2 kids and in my “spare time” I work with my family on our grain farm, Oster Farms Ltd. I am also a Dressage coach / competitor and Horse trainer at my own business, Power Performance Horses.








I'm Rychelle Campbell.  My husband Scott and I live on a ranch near Lloydminster.  We have horses and dogs and we are very involved with team roping, Scott loves it.  We really enjoy hosting jackpots at our place.  Our indoor arena makes that possible all year long.  

I started working at Paradise Hill Ranch & Western Wear in May 2016.  I am in charge of pet supplies and on Wednesday's I take dog grooming appointments at the store.  I am a professional Dog groomer, since 2003.  I also run the store "Retail Trailer".  This past year we had the trailer at 4-H Expo, Stockade Roundup and the March Bull sale at the Lloydminster exhibition grounds.  Would you like our "Retail trailer" at your event?? We are open for requests.  I really love the atmosphere at the store.  The people I work with and the clients are really great, kind and caring.  I also keep up with the new knowledge, technology and information in all areas of the industry.  

When I am not horsing around or playing with puppies - I really enjoy quilting.





If you need your Fencer Fixed, I'm your guy!!! Ask for Dick at the front counter.  Actually, my "real" name is Richard Roney, but everybody knows me as Dick.  I have been working here for about 5 years now and what I really enjoy is the people!! 

 I do a little bit of everything.  Loading, unloading, maintenance, Janitor....... Keep the bosses and customers happy hahaha

My wife, Marilyn and I live on a farm near Turtleford.  We raise Bees and harvest the honey.  Pam D Honey is our Business.  I have been involved with Bees since I was 12 or 13.  I took a little break from Bees and we raised "Weaner pigs" for 17 Years.  

We just got back into the bees again about 6 years ago. My motto is "When I'm no longer having fun I won't be here anymore."  Coming to work at the store puts a smile on my face! 








Hey Everyone!!

I am Megan de Graaf and my fiancé is Shawn Schmidt, we are very excited to be starting out on a new business venture with Paradise Hill Ranch and Western Wear. 

I was born and raised just outside of Turtleford on Little de Ranch. After high school, I graduated from the Architectural Technologies program in Moose Jaw. Shortly after, we moved back to Turtleford and I began working on the Ranch.

 Shawn grew up on a farm near Loon Lake and was a member of the 4-H program for 10 years. His family moved to Turtleford while he was still in high school. After high school, Shawn went into the Carpentry Apprenticeship program and became a Journeyman Carpenter while we were in Moose Jaw.  He is currently working in Lloydminster.

 Working with Paradise Hill Ranch and Western Wear goes hand-in-hand with Ranch life. We welcome everyone, whether to provide you with product or to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to meeting everyone!