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Customer Pick :D

Customer Pick :D

We received EXCELLENT Feedback from a customer about their StormCheeta Blanket

"Hi just wanted to let you know we love the Shires Stormcheeta combo blanket we purchased. Our horse is Indy, a 9 year old warmblood who is clipped, so he needs to be kept warm! The Stormcheeta is awesome, we love that the hood stays up to his ears and never slouches down exposing his neck. Also love that on the neck piece and chest there are enclosures and Velcro so no gaps! Thank you so much for recommending this blanket, we are certain Indy will be warm this winter!!"

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  • Katherine Oster
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  • wwgmpwfdsu

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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