We are proud to be a local supplier of ALPINE Fertilizer!

We are proud to be a local supplier of ALPINE Fertilizer!

ALPINE G22 is now available at Paradise Hill Ranch & Western Wear!

G22 is a complete in-furrow starter product to promote early root development.


ALPINE G22TM liquid fertilizer is manufactured by utilizing quality raw materials to provide a very agronomically efficient source of N-P-K. The quality of the raw materials used to formulate ALPINE G22 liquid fertilizer:

• maximizes plant nutrient solubility • minimizes salt index
• minimizes equipment corrosion
• allows good cold weather storage • is plant safe at recommended rates

Seventy percent of the phosphate is present in the orthophosphate form that is immediately available for
plant absorption and metabolism. During times of limited phosphate and potassium availability (eg: cold and wet spring soil conditions present at planting),
ALPINE G22 liquid fertilizer provides a phosphate and potassium source that is positionally and nutritionally available.

NUTRIENTS SUPPLIED (pounds per litre):

premium liquid starter & foliar fertilizer

Total Nitrogen (N)............................... 0.169

Available Phosphate (P205)................0.621

Soluble Potash (K20).......................... 0.056



ALPINE brand plant nutrition is the leader in seed placed liquid fertilizer throughout Canada since 1973. All of our starter fertilizers are high in available orthophosphate to promote quick, early growth in all crops. We also manufacture and distribute a full line of foliar fertilizers as well as foliar and soil applied micronutrients such as zinc, manganese, boron, copper and molybdenum.

For more information - check out the Alpine website CLICK HERE

or give Brad a call at the store - 1-306-344-2188

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