Masterfeeds Showstopper Spotlite Program

Masterfeeds Showstopper Spotlite Program

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The Program

 Masterfeeds has a long history of support to the beef industry through quality products and services.  Show Stopper is one of the newest developments from the Masterfeeds beef nutrition team.  Show Stopper is specifically designed to meet the high nutritional demands needed to have your show cattle stand out in the show ring.

 Masterfeeds and Show Stopper Show Feeds present the Show Stopper SpotLite Program. Focusing on youth involvement in 4-H Beef or Junior Beef Breed Associations is just one way that Masterfeeds focuses on the future.  Awareness of the work and dedication that it takes to exhibit cattle in a highly competitive manner is what makes Masterfeeds strive to offer performance, programs, and products to suit your needs in every way.


Qualifying Beef Products

 Show Cattle Feeds

Show Stopper Cruiser

Show Stopper Accelerator

Show Stopper Full Throttle


Rules & Eligibility


  1. Only individuals showing animals as part of a Canadian 4-H or Canadian Junior Beef Association are eligible.
  2. Only animals that have been fed Masterfeeds Show Stopper products as the sole ration for the past 90 days are eligible.
  3. The SpotLite Form must be submitted within 30 days of the winning event or by December 31 whichever comes first.
  4. Program Winners are allowed only one SpotLite Reward during each calendar year to be shipped at the conclusion of said calendar year.
  5. In order to receive a SpotLite Reward, applicants must include an acceptable 4”x6” color photograph that Masterfeeds may use at their discretion after the photograph is received.
  6. This program is subject to change or cancelled without prior notice.
  7. Masterfeeds retains the sole right to determine eligibility and rule interpretation for the SpotLite program.
  8. Exhibitor agrees that Masterfeeds is the sole feed supplier to use winning information for a period of one calendar year.



Eligible Shows & SpotLite Rewards

 Eligibility is based on a minimum of 10 head in the show and associated with a 4-H, or Canadian Beef Association junior show division. Open Shows, Jackpot, and Prospect Shows do not qualify. Check with your Masterfeeds Feed Sales Representative for any questions associated with show eligibility.


Regional Shows – Any approved Provincial or Regional Junior Breed Association or 4-H event

            Grand Champion – $200 and $100 to the Club

            Reserve Champion – $100 and $75 to the Club


District Shows – Any approved local or district Junior or 4-H Shows

            Grand Champion - $75 and $50 to the Club

            Reserve Champion - $50 and $25 to the Club



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