Let it Snow!!!

Let it Snow!!!

Willy has been busy making snowflakes!!

There's something magical about a fresh cover of snow outside and no track to be seen anywhere :D

Do you like Snow??
Whats your favourite Winter / Snow activity??

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  • Katherine Oster
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  • Katherine Oster
    Katherine Oster

    I want to try snow shoeing too one day!!!
    I dont mind winter at all – I like it better when we have lots of snow :D which hasn’t happened in awhile

    Our favourite family activity is ice fishing :D

  • Deiedra

    I love tobogganing with the family but would love to try out some snowshoes someday.

  • Lori McKay
    Lori McKay

    I like cross country skiing!

  • Sandy Facca
    Sandy Facca

    It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if the snow wasn’t around so long. Snowboarding is my favourite winter activity.

  • Robyn Hunter
    Robyn Hunter


  • Bev Honey
    Bev Honey

    I don’t mind snow. We do live in Canada so it is part of the experience. Small town hockey is probably one of my favorite activities.

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