Got Ticks??

Got Ticks??
What are Ticks?? 
I love this scientific description from Tracy, a Saskatoon search and Rescue team member.  
"The best description that I’ve ever heard is that ticks are little walking bags of pathogens. A more scientific description is that they are a little 8 legged parasitic arachnids that feed off the blood of a host. Hosts include mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and search and rescue volunteers. Knowing that a tick is an arachnid, and not an insect is important. Regular insect repellents and insecticides don’t work on arachnids."


She wrote an article about Ticks in Saskatchewan - You can Read it HERE 

Here's some information from The Turtleford Vet clinic about Tick removal.
  • To remove ticks, dab the area with rubbing alcohol, then extract the tick slowly with tweezers.  Take care not to pull too hard or pull too fast.  If you have tick removers remember to twist, don't pry.  If the head remains attached schedule an appointment with your vet immediately.
  • Don't kill those icky critters!! Once removed put them in a sealed bag or container with a wet paper towel and bring them into the clinic.  We will send them away for disease testing an NO charge to you.
  • Treat the spot on your pet with alcohol or anitbacterial ointment after removal.
  • Tick control products are effective but always follow the manufacturer recommendations for application.  
If you have any questions please contact us or schedule a visit to your nearest Vet.  

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